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Who are we:

T+U (Technologie und das Unheimliche) is a Berlin-Budapest-Elsewhere based publishing project and cross-disciplinary movement, that was initiated by Mark Fridvalszki, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi and  Márió Z. Nemes. T+U aims to circuit the cultural phenomena resulting from the confrontation between the conditio humana and technology by thematic issues and related projects. Regarding to this mission, T+U mediates between cultural technologies within the context of post-digitality and tries to contaminate para-academic thinking with artistic tactics.

How we do:

Since T+U considers itself not only as an art collective/publishing project, but also as a movement, therefore printed issues are rather occasional manifestations or materialisations of the movement as a such. The zines are not the end-products, but rather incarnations of a continuous intellectual and artistic processes.   

What we do:

However it is crucial to us to do something forward looking, our publications are rather to be considered as retrofuturistic, atemporal, or archeological. Our zines are excavations of cultural tectonic plates, of collective fears and fantasies, of non-linear stories on possible future scenarios and alternate histories of the present.

Our aesthetic:

Rough, dark, techno-pessimistic, with a slight nostalgic touch. It contains reminiscences both of punk zine aesthetics of the 70’s and 80’s, and of promotional issues for youngsters on science and technology from the Eastern part of the former Iron Curtain.

Past T+U events:

-- 25. 03. 2017 T+U at It's a Book Leipzig, HGB
-- 22. 12. 2016 T+U vol. IV. "Base Matters" book launch & party at FKSE, Budapest
-- 16 - 19. 06. 2016 T+U at Toronto Art Book Fair, Canada
-- 10 - 12. 06. 2016 T+U at 6th Annual Zine & Self-Published Photo Book Fair, New York City
-- 19. 03. 2016 T+U at It's a Book Leipzig, HGB
-- 15. 01 - 07. 02. 2016 T+U X Zönotéka at Vorspiel Transmediale Berlin 2016
-- 21. 12. 2015 T+U Winter Tactics II. at FKSE feat. O.Bajusz, Cs.Hódi / Techno set curated by Mike Nylons
-- 11 - 13. 12. 2015 T+U at Friends with Books Fair Berlin
-- 15 - 20. 09. 2015 T+U at Lage Egal (XChange, Berlin Art Week)
-- 19 - 23. 08. 2015 Berlin Undercover leaflet mission at Atonal Berlin
-- 17 - 20. 06. 2015 T+U at I Never Read Book Fair, Basel (CH)
-- 03. 04. 2015 T+U vol. III. "Enigma" Booklet Launch + Show, FKSE Budapest / 18h - 03h
-- 14. 03. 2015 Akademie Schloss Solitude Römerstrasse Projectroom / 19h - 02h
-- 15. 03. 2015 T+U vol. III. "Enigma" at It's a Book Independent Book Fair, Leipzig

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