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Essay How a Futurist Hungarian Arts Movement Offers New Means of Autonomy by Mia Imani Harrison on Hyperallergic! Click here!

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Mátyás Dunajcsik, Ulrike Gerhardt, László Győrffy,
Mia Imani Harrison, Márk Horváth & Ádám Lovász, Daniel Hüttler,
László Karácsonyi, Chazár Keresztély, Csaba Kis Róka, Zoltán Komor,
Tamás Komoróczky, Zsigmond Kompolthy, LAND 3C, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi,
Mahan Moalemi, Petrica Mogos & Laura Naum (KAJET Journal),
Márió Z. Nemes, Mátyás Sirokai, Jake Tobin & Dominika Trapp, Suzanne Treister

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Zsolt Miklósvölgyi &  Márió Z. Nemes
Art Director: Mark Fridvalszki & Marius Wenker
Graphic Design: Marius Wenker

The project was commissioned by OFF-Biennale Budapest 2020

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T+U at Friends with Books

Independent Publishing Fair
21 – 22. 09. 2019
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

T+U at MISS READ 2019

Independent Publishing Fair
03 – 05. 04. 2019
HKW, Berlin

T+U at IT'S A BOOK 2018

Independent Publishing Fair
17. 03. 2018
HGB, Leipzig

T+U hungarofuturist rave and FKSE fundraising event in Budapest

Annual show: 22. 12. 2017
Event: ⬇⬇⬇


► "Noise Anatomy" book release + concert video
► "Hungarofuturism: Manifesto" release
Holt Lenszkij and Márió Z. Nemes noise poetry performance
Rosinflux, Borsos Lőrinc, Kontrast b2b Zefyr, Szovjet, Nullius In Verba
► T+U DJs - Hungarofuturist rave till sunrise

!!! Final uprise will be guaranteed !!!

Book launch at MZIN, Leipzig / Der Sach-Verhalt
15. 12. 2017

► 19h: Film screening Das Gestell (30')
► Book presentation "Der Sach-Verhalt" by Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, followed by a conversation between Márió Z. Nemes and Philip Widmann
► Music by Sam Conran

Der Sach-Verhalt
In collaboration with the Berlin-Budapest-Leipzig based art collective and publishing project Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U), Philip Widmann and visual artist Mark Fridvalszki have created a booklet that consists of processed visual material from the research for Widmann’s film Das Gestell. In its rasterized black and white images, Der Sach-Verhalt explores the ways in which technology shapes the environment, through its application and even more through the reasoning it creates. Introductory thoughts by T+U editors Zsolt Miklósvölgyi and Márió Z. Nemes, as well as an essay by the Hungarian philosopher and writer J.A. Tillmann complement the images.

Das Gestell
(2017, Super 8/DCP, Color / Black & White, Stereo, 30'​)
An experimental essay based on the Japanese fascination for the thought of German philosopher Martin Heidegger and interpretations of his works on the relation between humans and technology. In the grainy images of the film, landscapes from an uncertain time appear, occasionally flooded by water and a cacophony of brass players. The uncontrollable finds its ways into a world that tries to minimise risks and thus creates new dangers.

Sam Conran
Sam Conran (Orbs Asunder) is a British sound artist, hardware hacker and independent audio producer based in Leipzig working with chaotic/non linear systems theory and custom devices. At MZIN, he will present the result from a recent collaboration with Márk Fridvalszki named Material Study (Sonic), also reflecting the materiality of Widmann's film essay.

T+U at MZIN / Technologie und das Unheimliche vol. IV. "Base Matters" release event

22. 03. 2017

MZIN Leipzig and T+U are pleased to invite you to the release ​event of the 4th edition of "Technologie und das Unheimliche" magazine, entitled "Base Matters". The key topic of the issue reverberates the works of Georges Bataille, as well as the spirit of DOCUMENTS, his renowned surrealist art magazine. The new issue of T+U, that has been designed by Anna-Luise Lorrenz, presents essays, collages, photos, and artworks of international contributors focusing on the versatile aspects of Bataille's subversive and ambivalent materialism. A materialism that aims to irritate the hygienic and synthetic realm of pure reason by proclaiming the triumph of formlessness, baseness, and abjection.

Presentations by T+U editors: Dan Jack Harvey, Krisztina Hunya and M​a​rk Fridvalszki

Music by: Kilian Krings (S​ign Bit Zero​ / Z​ensor Tot​! ​Leben Geht Weiter.​)

T+U at IT'S A BOOK 2017

Independent Publishing Fair
25. 03. 2017 / HGB, Leipzig

T+U presents: T+U vol. IV. "Base Matters" release party and FKSE fundraising event

22.12.2016 / FKSE, Budapest

■ Program: Annual Christmas Party: Æ (SK), Benzokai (EST), Nova Gravity (H), Jacques Kustod (SK), Palmovka (CZ), C-Kay (JPN), Zapphire (H)
■ Inaugural Meeting of the Hungarian Coprosophical Society with Absentology (Márk Horváth, Ádám Lovász), T+U (Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Márió Z. Nemes) and Tamás Seregi
■ T+U vol. IV. "Base Matters" book launch
■ Peformance by Ábris Gryllus & Tamara Zsófia Vadas
■ !!! Final collapse will be guaranteed !!!
Event here...

Technologie und das Unheimliche vol. IV. "Base Matters"

"The process of becoming-soil is also the process of becoming bird, plant, crystal; it is also to become preparation, plastic or machine, since within our planetary conditions the formless vortex of technology and nature is the wild happening of the world. Such impure transformations are nevertheless production, processing and birth, for the process of creation is necessarily filthy, whilst, as Radomir Konstantinović argues in the spirit of Bataille’s legacy, only uniformity can be innocent."

We are thrilled to announce that our upcoming issue entitled "Base Matters" will be out in December! An abridged version of the introductory text written by Zsolt Miklósvölgyi and Márió Z. Nemes is now available on our T+U Medium blog.

More info, dates of release parties, etc. coming soon!

T+U at Toronto Art Book Fair 2016

16. 06 – 19. 06. 2016
Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

T+U at 6th Annual Zine & Self-Published Photo Book Fair

10. 06 – 12. 06. 2016
The Camera Club of New York

T+U at IT'S A BOOK 2016

Independent Publishing Fair
19. 03. 2016, HGB, Leipzig

Thematic film night commented by: Márió Z. Nemes
17. 03. 2016, Zönotéka, Berlin

:::1) TERRA:::
Az Ebéd / The Lunch (In memoriam Batu Khan), 1966–2013, 10:05 min.
Founding happening, neo-avantgarde history
Gábor Altorjay, Tamás Szentjóby first Hungarian Happening 25.06.1966, Budapest (w/ Miklós Jankovics, István Varannay, Miklós Erdély)
Documentary n/8 b&w film, camera: László Gyémánt, comp-ass.: János Vető, NahTe, Péter Motor Schmidt © the artists
:::2) BODY:::
Archaikus torzó / Archaic Torso (R.: Dobai Péter), 1971, 30:00 min.
A possible hungarofuturist concept of mankind
Documentary short, b&w film, camera: Lajos Koltai © MaNDA - Hungarian National Digital Film Archive and Institute
:::3) SPACE:::
Jancsika és a libuskák / Johnny and the goosies (R.: Ivan & Igor Buharov), 2009, colour film, 6:00 min.
Strategies of rural fantasies and folklore space traveling © the artists

Hungarofuturism is an aesthetic strategy and myth-fiction that aims to condition the cultural imagination. Within a thematic film night and by using the film poetic parables of the categories TERRA-BODY-SPACE, we provide a first insight into the movement's legendary. The hungarofuturist movement's objective is to subvert the building-like structure of culture, and to construct new ways and escape lines "behind" and "beyond" the collapsed edifice. The breakdown of the inward criticism(s) of the system has pointed to the fact that in place of irony and reformation, we stand in need of "alternative realisms" (McKenzie Wark), new species and new worlds. In the frame of an experimental geography we are re-establishing the flora and fauna of the Carpathians, and demand a New Space instead of the Old Sky. This Space will encode the micro and macro scales, namely by creating a post-planetary perspective, in which the national, historical, and geographic identities disperse into a non-anthropocentric legendary. Hungarofuturism radicalizes the "rural apocalypse" (Radomir Konstantinovic) into a space travel, thus shattering the claustrophobic spatial regimes of nationalisms. Within this heterogeneous cosmos between the local and the global the astral body of Attila the Hun mingles with stardust from the Sirius, while Johnny the fabled country boy shepherds his lost geese into a Black Hole.

Organized by: Technologie und das Unheimliche & ZÖNOTÉKA

INNOVATORS MEETUP (Marshalling Inc. operated by T+U)

06. 02. 2016, Zönotéka, Berlin

A transmediale & CTM Vorspiel program, w/ Adam Hruby (Brno), Jacques Kustod (Bratislava), Splatter (Budapest)

"This is more a process of distortion, slippage, or adding catalytic friction than actual disruption, because I have witnessed the mutual parasitism between corporations and the cultural sphere too often to think that the notion of an artistic "disruption," now, is anything other than a chimera." (Carey Young, Liam Gillick: Adjusted and Corrupted, London 2001)

*** Join us for a Saturday evening warm up pitch at the pseudo-martial-company Marshalling Inc. During transmediale & CTM, at the peak of both festivals, we aim to elaborate further on the junction of artistic and business strategies featuring a lecture performance and minimal-industrial soundscapes.
*** Marshalling Inc., operated by Technologie und das Unheimliche, is an interdisciplinary, in situ installation based on sterile office fantasies and the corporate aesthetics of the arms industry. The term 'marshalling', originally used in medieval heraldry and lately in computer science, refers to the act of assembling, positioning and transmuting coats of arms or series of data into a certain order.
*** Dedicated to this rationalized movement, we invited specialists from Central-Eastern Europe in an attempt to synchronize the independent art sphere with corporate interests. Supported by their individual backgrounds in art and company culture, together we strive to overcome the chimera and dissolve in a trans global,
corporate "we".

*** *** *** The Future of Value Extension by Adam Hruby
Adam Hruby is a vice evangelist of Marshalling Inc. As an acknowledged expert on trends like semio-genesis and enactment rationalisation he will provide insight into how bridging the worlds of art and corporate life helps us to successfully implement snackable commitment in today's stacked and mediated void. As we move into the future, Corporate Art Responsibility becomes a mechanism that will bridge the art world and technology. Let's go together towards tomorrow.

*** *** *** Jacques Kustod (Exitab)
Kustod is an alter ego of the experimental musician and producer Andrej Kabal.During the day, Kabal is an employee at one of the world's largest corporations that is even using unmanned aircrafts. At night, Kustod is working on his audio experiments of consciousness-alteration. His dystopian visions are manifested in dark atmospheres through psychedelic drone based sounds. Juggling between these two mind-hacking worlds provides compelling opportunities to hack and glitch the corporate system of exploitation from the inside.

*** *** *** Splatter (UH Fest, Küss Mich)
Splatter is the co-organizer of the UH Fest in Hungary, an exploratory music event series operating in the realms of rare and adventurous modern music, he also runs the synth-primitivist club night called Küss Mich. Beside his forward-looking musical activities, Splatter is a frequently invited entertainer of corporate meetups, innovative business events, as well as unconventional team building weekends. Splatter is also strongly committed to industrial cleaning equipments and supplies.

Upcoming Events at ZÖNOTÉKA:
Film screening and Finissage
13.02.2016 / Annika Eriksson: Arbeitswelt, 2003, commission for Kunstverein München

Continuing our growing enthusiasm for thematic film screenings, we are happy to conclude our event series Marshalling Inc. with a video work by Annika Eriksson focusing on the social and private aspects of the sterile corporate environment. Arbeitswelt (Working World, 2003) is a series of unedited interviews the artist conducted with a cross-section of 54 employees -- from cleaning staff to upper management -- working for Swiss Re, a multinational corporation dealing with the intangible field of re-insurance and risk assessment.

Marshalling Inc.
Operated by Technologie und das Unheimliche

17. 01. 2016 – 13. 02. 2016 at Zönotéka, Berlin

Launch party 16. 01. 2016
w/ Fleisch collaborative project – Ernő Hock & Ben Soir, Nullius in Verba

The event is part of the program​ transmediale & CTM Vorspiel 2016

With its in situ installation at ZÖNOTÉKA the art collective Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U) aims to set forth the hidden implications of both: the power structure that lurks behind the "sterile" idea of the office environment, and the contraversive corporate aesthetics of the arms industry.​ The exhibition and event series evolves around this unique aesthetic tension, that vibrates between the shell-like, encapsulating ambience of corporate lobby settings, and the real identity of power structures. This identity becomes ever more palpable through the obscuring rhetoric of architectural and design practices​. The team of Marshalling Inc. presents a visual, sound and fragrant environment inspired by flashy stock-archives, neutral and martial backgrounds as well as their own, uncanny office-phantasies undermined with hints of hidden admiration.​ The opening will be joined by a special collaboration, the improvisative noise duo named Fleisch and a conceptual record selection by Nullius in Verba.​

Máté Feles, Mark Fridvalszki, Adam Hruby, Krisztina Hunya, Peter Lowas, Joshua McNemara, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Márió Z. Nemes, Dominika Trapp, András G. Varga, Nora Vera, Nullius in Verba

06. 02. 2016
Marshalling Inc. Innovators Meetup
w/ Adam Hruby, Jacques Kustod, Splatter

13. 02. 2016
Film Screening

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