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A hungarofuturizmus (HUF) a kulturális képzeletet kondícionáló mítoszfikció és esztétikai stratégia. Nemzeti és történelmi mítoszainkat megszállta a nacionalista ideológia, ezért vissza kell perelnünk őket, hogy újraépítsük a magyarságról való gondolkodás haladó formáit. A HUF célja a képzelet formáinak áthangolása térben és időben. Ez egyszerre történik az eredetnarratívák eltérítésével, kisajátításával, és a jövőre vonatkozó sejtések feletti monopólium birtokba vételével. A HUF ugyanis hisz az idő kizökkentésének erejében és az elmúlt, vagy talán sohasem volt jövőbe vetett bizalom helyreállításában.

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Hungarofuturism (HUF) is a mythofiction and aesthetic strategy designed to condition cultural memory. Nationalist ideology has occupied and co-opted our national and historical myths, therefore we must take them back, so as to rebuild the progressive forms of thinking Hungarianness. The goal of HUF is the transformation of imagination in both a spatial and a temporal sense. This can be achieved through the creative rechanneling of narratives of origin and a restoration of hope in futures past, or even speculative utopian futures that never have been or never will be.


HUF is an experimental psychogeography that recreates the flora and fauna of the Carpathian Basin. The collapse of internal systematic critique has shown that instead of reformist transformation from within, we must create "alternative realisms", new creatures, races and worlds. Such a terraforming, however, demands a position of exteriority, a distance from which myths of origin can be multiplied to the point of absurdity. We demand a Hungarian Outer Space instead of a Conservative Sky! This is not escapism; instead, it is a new Hungarian land-taking that does not so much suspend the previous one, but rather rewrites it, incorporating other narratives. Hungarian Outer Space in this context is not another place; instead, it represents a geophilosophical concept, a desire for another place. The New Land-Taking demands a national XENOPOLITICS and national XENOAESTHETICS! Similarly to Afrofuturism, this is an experiment in identitypoetical imagination, based on a radically ironic exaggeration of minority identity. As opposed to notions of Hungarianness currently hegemonic in Hungary, this is an alternative concept of what it means to be Hungarian, the discovery of a post-Hungarianism. The key to this Hungarofuturist mutational identity is the notion of metamorphosis as destination. Transformation is not a pathway: it is an end in itself. We arrived here as the People of Sirius, and it is there that we shall return! For now and forever! Within this xenoaesthetic transformation, national identity becomes a stranger to itself, and we come to live in a space of liminality, in which the search for exceptionality is deconstructed, along with humanist and universalist illusions pertaining to the importance of humanity in the cosmos. The shooting up of national identity into space loosens the temporality of the nation, allowing us to reimagine history, tearing spacetime apart, opening the Hungarian landscape to otherworldly encounters – from here on out, the fictive past and an even more speculative future shall have their rightful places.

Text: Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Márió Z. Nemes / Translation: Ádám Lovász / Collages: Zsolt Miklósvölgyi, Márió Z. Nemes, Peter Lowas / Visual concept, post-production, layout: Mark Fridvalszki

1st edition: 50 copies, DIN A/5, DIY, digital print, photocopy, 2017 (sold out)
2nd edition: 100 copies, DIN A/5, digital print, 2018

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